TeamSpeak 3 Client SDK Developer Manual

Revision 2017-02-09 09:36:36

Table of Contents

System requirements
Overview of header files
Calling Client Lib functions
Return code
The callback mechanism
Querying the library version
Shutting down
Managing server connection handlers
Connecting to a server
Disconnecting from a server
Error handling
User-defined logging
Using playback and capture modes and devices
Initializing modes and devices
Querying available modes and devices
Checking current modes and devices
Closing devices
Using custom devices
Activating the capture device
Sound codecs
Encoder options
Preprocessor options
Playback options
Accessing the voice buffer
Voice recording
Playing wave files
3D Sound
Query available servers, channels and clients
Retrieve and store information
Client information
Information related to own client
Information related to other clients
Whisper lists
Channel information
Channel voice data encryption
Channel sorting
Server information
Interacting with the server
Joining a channel
Creating a new channel
Deleting a channel
Moving a channel
Text chat
Kicking clients
Channel subscriptions
Muting clients locally
Custom encryption
Custom passwords
Other events
Miscellaneous functions
Query information
Initiate transfers
Speed limits
How to implement Push-To-Talk?
How to adjust the volume?
How to talk across channels?