Activating the capture device


Using this function is only required when connecting to multiple servers.

When connecting to multiple servers with the same client, the capture device can only be active for one server at the same time. As soon as the client connects to a new server, the Client Lib will deactivate the capture device of the previously active server. When a user wants to talk to that previous server again, the client needs to reactivate the capture device.

unsigned int ts3client_activateCaptureDevice(serverConnectionHandlerID); 
uint64 serverConnectionHandlerID;

Returns ERROR_ok on success, otherwise an error code as defined in public_errors.h.

If the capture device is already active, this function has no effect.

Opening a new capture device will automatically activate it, so calling this function is only necessary with multiple server connections and when reactivating a previously deactivated device.

If the capture device for a given server connection handler has been deactivated by the Client Lib, the flag CLIENT_INPUT_HARDWARE will be set. This can be queried with the function ts3client_getClientSelfVariableAsInt.